Nova Scotia shows BC how to do forestry

This article on  Nova Scotia Forestry describes proposed changes in the way forestry is being planned and performed in the province.  From BCCFR’s perspective, what’s most interesting about these changes is that Nova Scotia’s province-wide target for annual timber harvest volume is going to be set after they determine both the appropriate type of harvesting and the sustainable annual volume of harvesting for each unique area.  This sounds exactly like the localization of harvest practices and long-term planning that BCCFR is seeking from the BC government and forest industry.

The article states the forest minister “said his department also accepts Lahey’s call for improved openness and transparency and will establish, within the next year, an independent process for environmental reviews for long term forest management licences that will include public input.”  This has been the other key request to government from BCCFR – remove conflict of interest in decision making, and meaningfully involve local stakeholders.

If Nova Scotia can do it, why can’t BC?