World-wide high resolution satellite images (1984-2016)

Click on this link ( then enter your city, town, or street address in the search field.  Zoom out to see the broader impact of the last 32 years of harvesting in your area.

Must see videos:

Conversations That Matter – Taryn Skalbania

The above interview by Taryn Skalbania, from member organization Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance, outlines the issues with Professional Reliance and current forestry regulation in BC.

The above video accurately reflects the experience and frustration every member of BCCFR has experienced when attempting, and failing, to get responsible logging practices done in their local area.

BC Government Information about the Review Process

Professional Reliance in Natural Resources

Public views sought for professional reliance in the natural resources

Reviewing BC’s Natural Resource Sector Professional Reliance Model – Terms of Reference

BC Gov News – Review of professional reliance model to ensure public interest is protected

Articles and Reports on Professional Reliance and Regulation

NOTE: The first article is written by Mark Haddock, who wrote the Final Report on the government’s professional reliance review.

Professional Reliance and Environmental Regulation in BC

Association of BC Forest Professionals – What is Professional Reliance?

Forest Practices Board Special Report: Opportunities to Improve the Forest and Range Practices Act (Dec 2017)

UBMC – Forest Policy Decision-Making: The Case for Greater Community Consultation

Focus on Victoria – New government will review “professional reliance”

Ymir logging decisions should be local

The Problem With Relying (Too Much) On Industry-Hired Professionals

It’s time to pull the plug on self-regulation in B.C.’s forest industry

Contact Information

John Horgan, Premier of BC. Phone: 250-387-1715

Doug Donaldson (MLA for Stikine). Minister of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resources Operations.  Phone: 250-847-8841 (Constituency Office) (250) 387-6240 (Legislative Office)

George Heyman (MLA for Vancouver-Fairview) Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. Phone: 604-775-2453

Andrew Weaver (MLA Oak Bay). Green Party Leader. Phone 250-472-8528

Sonia Furstenau (MLA Cowichan Valley, Independent). Phone: 250-387-8347


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